PG-12 7-Channel Advanced Polygraph Instrument







The PG-12 Computerized Polygraph System ( 1 set )

Function: Polygraph is one kind of electronic instrument , which records the changes of many physiological parameters such as skin conductance , respiration ,finger pulses and cardiovascular ,et al. It can be used to research and detect the tested person's psychology behavior. The computerized polygraph system is consist of sensors , main unit , microprocessor ,and test software.

•  Determined Parameters

•  GSR (Galvanic Skin Response): Skin conductance changes along with the variety of skin sweat gland's activity . The tested person's sympathetic nerve system activity can be reflected by the change of GSR.

•  Cardioacticity : The polygraph determine cardioactivicity by indirect measurement, ie, by some special methods putted on the outside of body ,it makes the blood pressure pass through some intermedium such as organize and skin ,and then be transferred to the sense organ of the measuring instrument The psychological behavior is reflected by the change of cardioadicity which includes average blood pressure, blood volume, and pulse.

•  Respiration: It refers to the changes of breath process parameters include breath frequence , the time ratio of breath out and breath in, which is caused by the change of psychology behaviour.

•  Pulse: It refers to the elastic distortion of artery wall due to the is extruded blood during the periodic beat of heart.

•  Subject movement against lie detect.

•  Basic Configure

Main unit, sensors, special application software of expert scoring system.

•  Sensor: It refers to the components which transfer the tested person's physiological parameters such as GSR, respiration and cardioactiaity to analog signals.

•  Main Unit: It refers to the device which converts the analog signals measured by each sensor to digital signals, and then send them to microprocessor.

•  Microprocessor: The device processes the test prepare, test control, and data analysis.

•  Test Software: The executable files stored on microprocessor. It could process the edition, display, print, storage, data analysis and automatic judgement.

•  Software:

The PG-12 polygraph software operates in the windows operating environment uses the records tree catalog. It could automatically produce related material and test report. In addition, it could replay and analysis the tested results, and then educe the lie or honest probability by expert scoring system.

•  Performance Parameters:

•  Outside dimension of Main Unit: 160*155* 65mm ;

•  Working environment temperature: -20 ?? ~ +40 ?? ;

•  Working environment humidity: 95%(relative value)

•  Respiration channel Measurement range: 0.1~5 times per second; Frequency: 0.05HZ?a20HZ; Resolution power: 1%;

•  Cardioacticity: 50~70mmHg; Frequency: 0.05HZ?a5HZ; Resolution power: 1%;

•  GSR: 100 |? ?a100 M |? ; Frequency: 0.01HZ?a2HZ; Resolution power: 1%;

•  Noise: < 50dB



Psychology Detection Engineering CenterInstitute of Automation Chinese Academy of Sciences

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