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The training of Lie Detection provides maximum technique emphasis and concentrates on law enforcement applications of the polygraph.

Plan for details:

Place Room : Room 314 MoShi Building . No.95 DongLu ZhongGuanCun,Beijing,P.R.China

Polygraph Examiner Training Course - 40 Total clock hours,

Teacher : Yang Chengxun professor;

           Song Libo Engineer.

A Preliminary Lie Detection

1. Lie detection theory

2. The Lie Detection Technique

3. The Chart Scoring

4. The Polygraph Pretest

5. How to use the software and hardware about Polygeaph

All information in the content of this school catalog is current and correct and is so certified as true by Song Libo, Registrar.

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Psychology Detection Engineering CenterInstitute of Automation Chinese Academy of Sciences

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